Keynote Speaker

Frances Edmonds is…

…an international keynote speaker and an acknowledged expert in the area of cross-cultural communication. Her gift is to inspire audiences of diverse cultural, national and social backgrounds to recognise and transcend their differences in pursuit of higher, common objectives. She is a much sought-after keynoter by multinational and multi-cultural organisations who are rising to the challenges of innovation and change.

In her capacity as a businesswoman who has helped create a prestigious specialist construction company, Frances believes that outstanding customer service is based on clear communication and on cohesive, motivated teams. For her commercial success in this venture and for her efforts in promoting the interests of British female entrepreneurs in the UK and abroad, she was elected an Honorary Fellow of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

In addition, whilst researching her acclaimed motivational book, Winning the Game of Life, Frances discovered the tools for personal and professional success employed by world-class performers in the worlds of business, sport, education, politics, the arts, science and not-for-profit. In her keynotes, she draws on this accumulated wisdom to suggest strategies for personal and professional well-being, success and fulfilment.

Frances’s twin passions for business and music have recently found full expression in Jazzbizz ( a jazz band devoted to delivering powerful business messages on innovation, change-management, diversity and team–building through the medium of music and the metaphor of jazz.