Frances Edmonds is…

“Thank you for your excellent presentation at our annual conference last week. You won the audience over early on and they loved your combination of humour, wisdom and outstanding storytelling. You really were very well received and I am very grateful to you. Thank you.” Steve Munby, Chief Executive, National College for School Leadership

“Your presence in the Forum creates an unforgettable experience for the delegates and it is always a true pleasure to work with you. You were fabulous! Our star! Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again soon.” Sharon Jeske, Director, CIES The World Food Business Forum, Paris

“From the start of the day to the end, Frances provided insightful and relevant links between the sessions and kept the audience both engaged and entertained. She worked exceptionally hard at getting to know both the speakers and their content and was able to provide seamless transitions between their presentations. Using her unique skills and her natural empathy, she was able to bring professionalism, gravitas and glamour to our international event. We are thrilled that she has agreed to come back next year and look forward to our conference knowing that the event is in the safest of hands. Dominic Tidey, EuRA , European Relocation Agents Association)

“Thank you once again for facilitating this year’s series of Butler Group symposia with your usual wit, élan and intelligence. Your ability to master complex issues swiftly, the clarity and elegance of your scripting and, of course, your own unique combination of charm, confidence and gravitas on stage are vital in the crystallising and communication of key messages. In addition, your continuous research to grasp our issues and ensure our desired outcomes make you so much more than an “external” facilitator, but an integral and highly values member of the Butler Group team. We all look forward to your working with us again next year.” Max Becker, CEO Butler Group, Europe’s Leading IT Analysts

“My sincere thanks to you for such a great job in Edinburgh. Your contribution to our company was just what Neale and I needed and your professional approach really helped us to “make a difference” Chris Brinshead, Marketing Company President, Astra Zeneca

“Your experience in keeping up the interest of large audiences through speeches, interviews and direct interaction is genuinely second to none. Everyone came back uplifted and you played a central and key role in the success of the conference.” Gilles Acogny, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, APV Invensys

“On behalf of the Department, I should like formally to thank you again very much for your splendid chairmanship of our recent “Engaging Employers” Conference. The success and enjoyment of the event owed much to the way you steered delegates through a busy agenda with a mix of firmness, humour and evident empathy with the messages the speakers sought to convey. In particular, your very perceptive and concise summing up of sessions and workshops was very helpful and much appreciated by delegates.” Alan Davies, Head Training for Young People Department for Education and Employment

“The feedback I have received has been outstanding. Comments on your contribution included “thought-provoking, empowering, inspirational, motivational, real women like me with real problems!” Steve Smith, Assistant Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police

“Your contribution was definitely “the icing on the cake”. Your message was an important one and most eloquently put. The humour that you brought raised the spirits of all there. We have never received such positive feedback…” Maureen Littlewood, Police Federation of England and Wales

“Thank you for your brilliant session at our NHS conference. Your session hit just the right note of formality, informality, professionalism and fun – many of the delegates were crying with laughter but took away very serious messages…” Val Beale, NHS, South West Region

“Many thanks for giving us such a wonderful evening. It was truly a night to remember and your contribution went well beyond the deal, which was very much appreciated. Your winning ways made a lasting impression on all of us…” John Makin, President British Association of Communicators in Business

“Talk about storming the ramparts! What a performance. On behalf of the whole Reed Construction team, a big bucket of thanks to you for such a splendid performance. We have heard nothing but praise… David Waugh, Events Manager The Contract Journal Construction Industry Awards

“Incroyable! What else can one say? Your contribution to the evening was quite outstanding. Not only for your speech, but also for the manner in which you interacted with our group both before and after dinner. You had quite clearly “done your homework” in tuning into the Mentoring and Teamwork program that we are undertaking and your delivery beautifully reinforced the messages that we had been sending. The use of your obviously remarkable gifts as a linguist with our Arjo Wiggins colleagues from Belgium achieved everything we had hoped for and more. Some were blown away by your lack of an accent when speaking French – by that I mean an English accent – great praise indeed.” Wayne Thomas, Managing Partner WT Consulting, Executive Search and Selection

“The topics covered (in your motivational speech) were so appropriate for the group it was uncanny and I thank you for the thought and preparation you obviously put into it.” Mike Morris, National Sales Training Manager Barclays Life Assurance Company

“You entertained us with a perfect balance of sparkle, irreverence and humour which made us laugh, laugh and then laugh again some more!” Guy Darby, Chairman Manchester Merchant & International Bankers Association

“I can certainly say that I didn’t know counsellors had such a sense of humour and at times I feared for the health of some of the more mature members of the audience. Having said that, laughter is supposed to be the best medicine…You present us with something of a problem next year, however, in the follow up…” Ken J Lewis FCA FCIB, Chief Executive British Association for Counselling